csv upload for quick orders

As a registered dealer, we offer you the possibility to place quick orders in the VACHRI Shop. 

To place a quick order, simply enter the article numbers and the quantity of the desired products and send us your order. 

To make it even easier for you, you can send us your order in csv format.

The csv-file contains the quantity and article numbers of the order andcan easily be uploaded to our system. There is no faster way!


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

As a globally operating company, it is important for us to be up to date in the area of electronic data traffic and to be able to offer our trading partners a direct connection via EDI.

EDI is the format that enables senders and recipients to transfer documents -such as invoices and orders- directly from computer to computer by electronic means. 

The electronic documents are integrated directly into the business systems of the trading partners. This enables faster and error-free exchange, as the data quality itself also ensures smooth transactions.

With the company Transus we have a partner at our side who has specialised in EDI since 2003 and has set itself the goal of making the use of EDI as user-friendly as possible for all trading partners.