Here at Vageler & Christiansen we have specialized in the task of procurement.
Take advantage of our excellent connections to premium brand partners and contacts all over the world.

Rely on our 150 years of experience that buildt strong and steady trade relations especially in the nordic region.
Don´t ever worry about minimum orders again. Just tell us what you need. We´ll get it from there.

Make accounting easy again. If we procure 10 articles of various brands for you, all you have to handle is one invoice - instead on ten.

We are fast. We are cooperating with all relevant shipping service providers via Shipcloud (UPS, DPD, GLS etc.) Therefore time and money is saved and we are independent of individual shipping service providers.

When was the last time you read the words "minimum order quantity” ?
Exactly... we all know how difficult it can be to obtain certain articles if you don’t need hundreds of them.
Or do you remember the impossible order conditions you were given because you needed those articles just occasinally?
We hear you! We know that it can be frustrating to hit those limitations. For you - and your customers. 

So here we are: let us obtain those articles for you...

  • without limitations and
  • for a reasonable price!

It´s as simple as that.
It´s what we do. 

And we do it with all our heart and soul. 

It always has been -and still is- our core competence ever since Vageler & Christiansen startet out in 1897.