About Us


1897 | 

Wilhelm Vageler is founding Vageler & Co with two limited partners. They are located in the historic city of Luebeck in the "Beckergrube"


The firm is targeting the wholesale market specialized in houseware and ironware. Over the course of the next few years Vageler establishes ties to companies in Finland and the Baltic States. Soon the deliveries for the home market are discontinued and the firm expands their activities to the whole Baltic rim.

1914 |  Johannes P. Christiansen becomes individually liable name partner.

1919 |  The historic storehouse located in Alfstrasse 36 is bought for 45.000 Reichsmark and serves as the new head office.

1922 | 

After Wilhelm Vagelers passing Johannes Christiansen becomes the firm´s sole owner. The name is changed to Vageler & Christiansen KG. The assortment of goods still consists of housewares, garden tools and ironware.

1945 | 

Dark times lie ahead: the second world war causes dramatic losses. After the end of war reparations (debt claims towards foreign customers are terminated by the victorious powers) add up to that.


Not until the mid 50s the state of the german -including Luebeck´s -  economy is revived: finally companies are allowed to export goods again.

1961 | 

After Johs. Christiansen´s death his son-in-law Karl-Gerd Roth takes over the firm henceforth named Vageler & Christiansen.

In the end of the 1960s Roth comes to a decision that marks a major alteration for the firm´s future: from now on the line of goods consists of tools for maufacturing and trade.

1983 | 


Karl-Gerd Roth retires from the management and his son -Henning Roth- is now the individually liable name partner.


The storehouse in the historic city centre is given up after over 50 years, as a modern and economically efficient worklflow cannot be realised from there. The new location for Vageler & Christiansen´s headquarters is now the business park Glashüttenweg, Niel-Bohr-Ring 12 A.

1989 | 

The business partnership Vageler & Christiansen is transformed to a limited liability company of which Henning Roth is now the managing partner.


Vageler & Christiansen GmbH is expanding and becomes an important supplier for the european part of the Baltic rim..

2017 | 

Henning Roth retires from management and Mathias Langer is named the company´s managing director.

2019 | 

Mathias Langer takes over the company shares of Mr. Henning Roth