Starrett Mph0034 Mltpurpose Hsaw 19mm

Starrett Mph0034 Mltpurpose Hsaw 19mm

At top speed, this multi-purpose saw works safely and cleanly through wood, MDF, plastics or ceramic wall tiles.

Diameter Hole Saw Ø:

  • 33505370
  • Starrett
  • 049659689365
  • 0,1 m
  • 0,04 m
  • 0,04 m
  • 0,045 kg
The tungsten carbide tipped high-speed hole saws for versatile use are the perfect tool for... more
Product information "Starrett Mph0034 Mltpurpose Hsaw 19mm"

The tungsten carbide tipped high-speed hole saws for versatile use are the perfect tool for specialists in construction, installers and enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers.  

  • Optimum cutting behaviour and durability of the saw thanks to carbide-tipped teeth.
  • Smooth cut with minimum heat development.
  • Cutting depth 54 mm (2 1/8"), suitable for cutting through strapping and beams.
  • Suitable for tools with mains connection and battery operation.
  • Universal tool - cuts wood, MDF, plastic, ceramic wall tiles and bricks.

Cat. No. Suitable for hole diameter mm / inch Shaft size mm / inch A1E

14 - 30mm / 9/16 - 1 3/16" 8.75 mm / 11/32", hexagon A2E 

32 - 210 mm / 1 1/4 - 8 9/32" 11[00A0]mm / 7/16", hexagon A4E

14 - 30mm / 9/16 - 1 3/16" 6.5 mm / 1/4", hexagon A10E

32 - 210 mm / 1 1/4 - 8 9/32" 8.75 mm / 11/32", hexagon

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The broad Starrett product line includes precision measuring tools (micrometers, calipers, rules, etc.), levels, electronic gages, dial indicators, gage blocks and granite surface plates and custom engineered products. The precision group also includes M1 lubricant, and precision ground flat stock. The company also produces metrology equipment, including optical comparators, video measurement and inspection systems and multi-sensor measuring systems, and force measurement and material testing systems. These Starrett products are used by manufacturing companies of many types and sizes to ensure the quality of their products.

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While best known for precision tools in the United States, Starrett is also a major, worldwide manufacturer of saw blade products. The saw blade product group includes three categories. Band saw blades are used primarily in manufacturing facilities. The Power Tool Accessories and Hand Saws group include hole saws, jig and reciprocating blades and hacksaw products. The jobsite and workshop group includes tape measures, levels, protractors and other tools used primarily on construction jobsites and workshops.

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Starrett tools are essential for the many products that are measured, cut, formed or assembled. They are used in a broad range of manufacturing facilities as an essential part of metalworking, the manufacturing of durable goods, for working with exotic materials and in a wide variety of traditional and newer industries such as electronics, aerospace, energy and many others. Starrett products are sold throughout the United States and worldwide through distributors, dealers, and retailers and online. In recent years, the Company has broadened its product offering through acquisitions and innovative product line expansion. Today, Starrett has eight manufacturing locations worldwide: Brazil, The U.K. and China and five in the United States. See Manufacturing Facilities Worldwide for more detailed information. Annual sales of the company are in the vicinity of $250 million and the company is traded publicly on the NYSE.
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