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Toughbuilt_Saege_TB-H4S2-23_Hero.jpeg Toughbuilt gipssåg + hölster + extra sågblad
The ToughBuilt Jab Saw + Sheath is designed to be the most durable and comfortable jab saw available for professional users. Featuring a replaceable 6-in high-carbon steel blade for greater longevity and straighter cuts, the saw cuts...
32,12 € *
Toughbuilt_TB-H4-20-24_Hero.jpg Toughbuilt 600MM/24" Handsaw
The ToughBuilt 24″ handsaw is designed for maximum efficiency and optimised performance when cutting wood. The saw features a heavy-duty steel blade with a unique epoxy coating for a durable, low-friction surface that reduces drag and...
45,68 € *
Toughbuilt_TB-H4-26-18_Hero.jpeg Toughbuilt 450MM/18" PVC Saw
The ToughBuilt 18in PVC Handsaw is the most efficient and optimised saw for cutting plastics. Equipped with a heavy-duty steel blade for longer life and straighter cuts, the saw cuts through various plastic materials with ease. The...
39,97 € *
Hultafors_590730.jpeg Hultafors faner handsåg
Denna professionella fanersåg är avsedd för precisionskapning och golvarbeten. Den har en radieformad spets med tänder för att såga i mitten av en bräda. Bladet är lackat med ett miljövänligt vaxbaserat pulver för låg friktion och...
37,62 € *
148-18.png Starrett 148-18 Pvc Saw
Supplied with a 300mm or 450mm long saw blade.
15,35 € *
Hultafors hand saw HBX-22-7 Hultafors hand saw HBX-22-7
Einzigartiges 3-Phasen Sägezahn Design kombiniert Effektivität und eine lange Lebensdauer Umweltfreundliche Pulverbeschichtung auf Wachsbasis bietet Rostschutz, weniger Reibung und kraftaufwendige Seitenvibrationen Verlässliches,...
34,80 € *
Japan-Pull-265R_1200.jpeg Tajima Zugsäge Pull 265 R / SB
Precisionsdragsåg med rakt, runt handtag. Sågbladet har ett tvärsnitt med 3 tänder. Alla tänder är induktionshärdade. Detta gör det möjligt att såga i fiberriktningen och tvärs över fiberriktningen i alla träslag. Enkelt byte av sågblad...
26,75 € *
Shogun Säge Ryoba.jpg Japansåg Ryoba Bladlängd 240mm dubbelsidig...
This means that fast and precise sawing of branches in trees, for example, is possible without any problems. Furthermore, sawing plywood and green wood is no problem. With the special double-deep toothing and the tooth spacing of 1.3 mm,...
53,68 € *
Shogun-Dozuki-Nokogiri-150mm.jpg Japansåg Dozuki mini blådlängd 150mm <36310.00000>
One of Shogun's most popular hand saws worldwide, this is a smaller Dozuki pull-saw, designed for precision work like dovetailing and tenons. It's a great size saw that makes it a go-to woodworking tool for many of our professional...
38,56 € *
K147_2.jpg Starrett K147 Compass Saw
With a particularly hard-wearing bi-metal saw blade with variable tooth pitch with which most materials can be cut. With 225mm long special saw blade bi-metal unique pleasantly shaped, robust plastic handle ensures optimum angle of...
34,62 € *
145.jpg Starrett 145 Hacksaw Frame
Easy to use, robust hacksaw with closed handle and practical adjustment lever. with 3oomm (12") long hand saw blade Safe-flex bi-metal unique by Starrett made of high speed steel comfortable handle with rubber injection six rotations of...
40,07 € *
140G.jpg Starrett 140G Hacksaw Frame
Simple hacksaw for 300mm (12") long saw blades. These can be clamped with the help of a wing nut at the front of the bow. with 300mm (12") long hand saw blade (Safe-flex bi-metal unique from Starrett) made of high speed steel.
18,74 € *
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