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Hultafors_840592_1.jpeg Hultafors splitting axe KLY 7-1.5 RA
This hand-forged splitting axe is made from Swedish axe steel, using methods traditional since 1697, perfect for heavy wood splitting. The steel’s density and the axe’s durability are enhanced by repeated striking. The hickory shaft is...
€117.70 *
Hultafors_840792_1.jpeg Hultafors whetstone for axes
The Hultafors grinding stone allows you to easily and securely grind your axe wherever you are. Its size is designed for a steady grip, protecting fingers and hands from cuts. The stylish genuine leather case ensures a long lifespan for...
€42.22 *
Hultafors_Trekkingbeil_600_840025_1.jpeg Hultafors trekking axe H 006 SV
Are you ready to conquer nature with a tool that is as robust as it is reliable? The Hultafors Hatchet 840025, hand-forged and made of high-quality Swedish axe steel, is your ideal partner for all outdoor activities, from gardening to...
€61.57 *
Hultafors_841770_action_3.jpeg Hultafors PREMIUM forest ax ABY
The ax has a straight, ground edge and a finger notch under the head for increased precision. A long and thin ergonomic handle minimizes weight and generates extra power when hitting. The Aby is perfect for building huts, processing...
€160.97 *
Hultafors fiberglass folding rule G59 -mm- 1m Hultafors fiberglass folding rule G59 -mm- 1m
Numbering in wear-resistant foil embossing. Two-sided millimeter divisions in black with red decimeter numbers. Conforms to EU class III. All joints lock in 90 degree increments. EU Class 3 certified
From €6.00 *
Hultafors_841730_1.jpeg Hultafors Premium Carpenter's Axe Stalberg 0.8 kg
With its straight, long handle and narrow, straight edge, the Stålberg Carpenter's Axe offers excellent precision. The finger notch in the axe head allows a firm grip straight across the centre of the cutting edge for increased...
€116.61 *
Hultafors-agelsjon-mini-beil-01.jpg Hultafors Agelsjön 0,5 | Premium Mini Hatchet
Easy to use and easy to carry. The hatchet is hand-forged and made of Swedish quality steel. The axe is named after the nearby lake Ågelsjön, where water power drives the wheel of the forge. Wooden handle made of American hickory,...
€102.66 *
Hultafors-ekelund-jagdaxt-01.jpg Hultafors Premium Hunting Axe Ekelund
This makes the axe the perfect hunting partner and also makes a treasured gift for anyone interested in hunting. The name of the classic hunting axe comes from the squire Gunnar Ekelund, who, inspired after a trip to the USA in 1870-75,...
€126.15 *
Hultafors-qvarfot-Fällaxt-01.jpeg Hultafors Qvarfot 0,85 | Premium felling axe
The long shaft increases the power of the axe when striking, so that the axe can achieve the best possible results when splitting, breaking and working wood without using too much force. The Qvarfot felling axe is hand-forged and made of...
€126.15 *
Hultafors-hultan-mini-beil-01.jpg Hultafors Hultan 0,5 | Premium Trekking Axe
Because of its versatility and lightness, the Hultån hatchet has every chance of becoming a bestseller. It is named after the river Hultån, which once powered our blacksmiths. Today, Hultån flows through a tunnel under Hults Bruk. Like...
€110.26 *
unnamed.jpg Helko Splitting Wedge | Steel 1500gr.
zum Spalten von Holz und dicken Stämmen Material: gehärteter Stahl Gewicht 1500gr.
€8.53 *
pic_ps_1591762.png Gedore Splitting axe with ash handle
With a high-quality handle in the shape of a knob made of ash wood
€86.40 *
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